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CELTUA Grant/Award Recipients

Each year, CELTUA gives awards and grants to support teaching. Some of the recipients and projects are featured in the CELTUA newsletter.

Historically, some assessment projects were funded through a small grants program of Liberal Education. Sample reports from these projects are provided as exemplars of good work on assessment being done at Miami, and to provide ideas for new projects. The assessment was intended to produce data that could be used to make modifications that would help future students better meet your outcomes.

Listed below, categorized by grant type and then year, are the awardees for the previous five years.

Major Teaching Project for Departments/Programs

Mathematics Department: Anna Ghazaryan, 2011-12

Psychology Department: Beth Dietz Uhler, Carrie Hall, Joseph Johnson, Michelle Abraham, Cliff Evans and Jay Smart, 2010-11

Major Teaching Project for Individual or Small Groups of Faculty

Julia Guichard, Theatre, 2012-13

Mark S Lacker, Marketing, 2011-12

Cameron Hay-Rollins, Anthropology, 2010-11

Kathleen Johnson, English, 2010-11

Lewis Magruder, Theatre, 2010-11

Harvey Thurmer, Music, 2010-11

Minor Teaching Project for Individual or Small Groups of Faculty

Kathryn LaFever, International Studies Program, 2012-2013

Zimry Rios, Spanish and Portuguese, 2012-2013

Janet Valente, Student Services, 2012-2013

Jeb Card, Anthropology, 2011-12

Katie Fowler-Córdova, Spanish and Portuguese, 2011-12

Tiffany Belka, Spanish and Portuguese, 2010-11

Michele Dickey, Educational Psychology, 2010-11

Michelle Gingras, Music, 2010-11

Carrie Hall, Psychology, 2010-11

Leah Henson, Spanish and Portuguese, 2010-11

John Humphries, Architecture and Interior Design, 2010-11

Tamise Ironstack, Spanish and Portuguese, 2010-11

Scott Kenworthy, Comparative Religion, 2010-11

Katherine Kickel, English, 2010-11

Anna Klosowska, French and Italian, 2010-11

Tom Kopp, Teacher Education, 2010-11

Kathryn LaFever, International Studies, 2010-11

Felice Marcus, English, 2010-11

Emily Moorhead, Art, 2010-11

Lalita Satyal, German, Russian, East Asian Languages, 2010-11

Julie Szucs, Spanish and Portuguese, 2010-11

Paula Webster, Teacher Education, 2010-11

Virginia Wickline, Psychology, 2010-11

Julia Guichard, Theatre, Dr. Theodore Wagenaar, Sociology and Gerontology and Dr. Sara Butler, Art, 2009-10

Lena Lee, Teacher Education, 2009-10

Elise Radina, Family Studies and Social Work, 2009-10

Minor Teaching Project for Individual or Small Groups of Graduate Students or Undergraduate Students

Angelina LaLima, Educational Leadership, 2012-1

Kelli R. Galloway, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2011-12

Kristen Altenau, Educational Leadership, 2010-11

Alexandra Brandriet, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2010-11

Katie Schutte, Fine Arts, 2010-11

Peter B. Sanders, Graduate Student, 2009-10

Visiting Teacher-Scholar Grant

Pansy Chang, Music, 2006-07, 2010-11

Sara Butler, Art, 2010-11

Ellen Yezierski, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2010-11

Sheila Tobias

Elizabeth Howard, Center for Teaching and Learning, Middletown Campus, 2009-10

Sivasailam (Thiagi) Thiagarajan

M. Cameron Hay Rollins, Anthropology, 2009-10

Anat Rosenthal

John Bailer, Quantitative Literacy FLC, 2008-09

Caren Diefenderfer and Ruth Doan

Mary Jane Berman, Center for American and World Cultures, 2008-09

Eugenie Scott

Babacar Camara, Black World Studies/Comparative Literature/French, 2008-09

Claire Andrade-Watkins

Cameron Hay-Rollins, Anthropology, 2007-08

Drs. Weisner, Anderson-Fye and Gregg

Kathy McMahon-Klosterman, Educational Psychology, 2007-08

Simi Linton

Larry M. Leitner, Psychology, 2007-08

Michael Mack

Gerardo Brown-Manrique, Architecture and Interior Design, 2006-07

Sam Posey

Pansy Chang, Music, 2006-07

Kangho Lee

Denise McCoskey, Classics, 2005-06

Katya Gibel Azoulay, Grinnell College

Faculty Exchange Relocation Grants

Thomas Klak, Geography, 2007-08

Exchanged with David Howard, University of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Howard Blanning, Theatre, 2007-08

Exchanged with Tracy Chung, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.

Department/Program Grant for the Significant Improvement of Instruction

Mark Krekeler, Geology, 2010-11

Steven Thompson, Educational Leadership, 2009-10

Jean Langan, Art, 2008-09

"Revision of Art Education Major"

Paul Schaeffer, Zoology and Kerry Hegarty, Spanish and Portuguese, 2008-09

"Development of a Global Initiatives Study Abroad Program Integrating Culture and Environment"

Douglas Troy, Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008-09

Iris DeLoach Johnson and Kim Wachenheim, Teacher Education, Middle Childhood Education (MCE) Program, 2007-08

"Curriculum Update and Reform for Preparing Classroom Teachers"

Catherine Karkov, Art, 2006-07

"Revision of Art History Major"

Leah Washburn-Moses, Educational Psychology and Ann MacKenzie, Teacher Education, 2006-07

"2007 Collaborative Summer School"

Karen Heidi McKee, English/Composition Program, 2006-07

"Curriculum Development and Instructor Preparation for Teaching Writing in the 21st-Century">

Mark Allen Peterson, International Studies, 2006-07

"Support for Development of an Online ITS Best Teaching Practices Manual"

Ann Fuehrer, Women's Studies, 2006-07

"Faculty Workshops to Create Curricular Coherence Among Women's Studies Undergraduate Core Courses"

Ben Gung, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2005-06

"Development of a Modern Organic Laboratory Experiment"

Karen Dawisha, Havighurst Center and Elizabeth Wilson, Comparative Religion, 2005-06

"Merchants, Mercenaries, and Monks Along the Silk Road"

Susan Paulson, Latin American Studies Program, 2005-06

"Support to Develop a New Major Degree Program in Latin American Studies

Stephen Nimis, College of Arts and Science, 2005-06

"Exploring the Silk Road: The Power of Travel, Exploration, and Boundary Crossing as a Device for Promoting and Creating Interdisciplinary, Interregional and International Studies"

Learning Assessment/Course/Curriculum Effectiveness Grants

Anna Dollár, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 2009-10

John Karro, Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2009-10

James L. Cherney, Communications, 2007-08

"Assessing Egocentric Criticism and Improving Critical Pedagogy: Evaluating Techniques to Encourage Student Learning of Critical Thinking and Writing Skills"

James Moller and Amit Shukla, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 2007-08

Lee Knisley Sanders, Mathematics, Hamilton Campus and Alana Van Gundy Yoder, Political Science, Hamilton Campus, 2007-08

Tracy Featherstone, Art, 2005-06

"Visual Fundamentals Assessment"

Summer Fellowship for the Improvement of Instruction

Ron Bulanda, Sociology and Gerontology, 2010

Ronald H. Cox, Kinesiology and Health, 2010

"Functional Physiology: Enhancing Student Appreciation for the Link Between Theory in the Basic Sciences and Their Application in the Kinesiology and Health Disciplines"

Heeyoung Tai, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2010

Kathleen Killian, Zoology, 2009

Ben Sutcliffe, German, Russian and East Asian languages, 2009

Robert Weinberg, Kinesiology and Health and Harvey Thurmer, Music, 2009

Sheri Leafgen, Teacher Education, 2008

Tim Melley, English, 2008

Lukasz Opyrchal, Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008

William Berg, Kinesiology and Health, 2007

Michele Gingras, Music, 2007

Barbara Heuberger, Teacher Education, 2007

"Master's Degree Program Revision In Elementary Education"

Joseph Johnson, Psychology, 2007

Cathy Bishop-Clark, Computer and Information Technology, Middletown Campus, 2006

"Designing a Service Learning Course in Help-Desk Methodology"

Michael T. Helmick, Computer Science and Systems Analysis, 2006

"Integrated Online Courseware for Paperless Submission and Assistive Automated Graded for Computer Programs"

Muriel L. Blaisdell, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2006

"Religion and Science: Natural Theology, Evolution, and Intelligent Design"

Small Grants


Chanon Adsantham, Graduate Student

William Albin, Music

William Bausano, Music

Catherine Bishop-Clark, Computer and Information Technology, Middletown Campus

Olga Brezhneva, Mathematics

Alan Cady, Zoology

Euljung Chun, Educational Psychology

Marianne Cotugno, English Middletown Campus

Michael Todd Edwards, Teacher Education

Tracy Featherstone, Art

Kathleen German, Communication

Michele Gingras, Music

Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, American Studies

Julie Guichard, Theatre, Ted Wagenaar, Sociology and Gerontology and Sara Butler, Art

Julie Guichard, Theatre

Anna Klosowska, French and Italian

Roger Knudson, Emeritus

Thomas Kopp, Teacher Education

Kathryn LaFever, International Studies

Lena Lee, Teacher Education

Gayle Mackay, Accountancy

Nirmala Naresh, Mathematics

Karen O'Hara, Information Technology Services

Deborah Phillips, Microbiology

Jennifer Purdum, Art

Marie Elise Radina, Family Studies and Social Work

Andrea Ridilla, Music

Katie Schutte, Graduate Student

Cecilia Shore, Psychology

Siok Lian Tan, Music

John Tassoni, English

Beth Dietz Uhler, Psychology, Middletown Campus

Paula Webster, Teacher Education


William Bausano, Music

Lisa Blankenship, Graduate Student

Olga Brezhneva, Mathematics

James Bromley, English

Betsy Butler, University Libraries

Joseph Cheatle, Graduate Student

Robert DiDonato, Spanish and Portuguese

Hailiang Dong, Geology and Environmental Earth Science

Michael Todd Edwards, Teacher Education

Brooke Flinders, Nursing, Hamilton Campus

Alan Frager, Teacher Education

Raina Brella Garrett, Graduate Student

Michele Gingras, Music

Joshua Haworth, Graduate Student

Yuan-jia Hong, DEPT?

Joseph Johnson, Psychology

Scott Kenworthy, Comparative Religion

Janice Kinghorn, Economics, Middletown Campus

Jonathan Levy, Geology and Environmental Earth Science

Masha Misco, University Libraries

Paul Monson, Graduate Student

Caryn Neumann, History, Middletown Campus

Gina Petonito, Sociology and Gerontology, Middletown Campus

Noriko Reider, German, Russian and East Asian Languages

Geoffrey Riggle, Graduate Student

Caress Schenk, Graduate Student

Liang Shi, German, Russian and East Asian Languages

Dean Smith, Kinesiology and Heath

Nicole Thesz, German, Russian and East Asian Languages

Robert Weinberg, Kinesiology and Health

Sara Young, DEPT?

Margaret Ziolkowski, German, Russian and East Asian Languages


Christina Brown, Graduate Student

Michele Dickey, Educational Psychology

Gary Drigel, Engineering Technology, Hamilton Campus

Michele Gingras, Music

Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, American Studies

Roger Knudson, Emeritus

Benjamin Kuebrich, Graduate Student

Sheri Leafgren, Teacher Education

James Mosher, Graduate Student

Caryn Neumann, History, Middletown Campus

Andrea Ridilla, Music

Emily Robbins, Graduate Student

Jay Rozema, Theatre

Harvey Thurmer, Music

Karin Vanderzee, Graduate Student

Robin Vealey, Kinesiology and Health

Paula Webster, Teacher Education


Elisa Abes, Educational Leadership

Roger Bechtel, Theatre

Michael Bernstein, Graduate Student

Mia Biran, Psychology

Kelly Brunarski, Finance

Jennifer Bulanda, Sociology and Gerontology

James Cherney, Communication

John Cinnamon, Anthropology, Hamilton Campus

Gary Drigel, Engineering Technology, Hamilton Campus

Michael Todd Edwards, Teacher Education

Alyssa Feather, Graduate Student

Tracy Featherstone, Art

Raina Garrett, Graduate Student

Michele Gingras, Music

Melissa Grunow, Graduate Student

Elisabeth Hodges, French and Italian

Elizabeth Howard, Computer and Information Technology, Middletown Campus

Iris DeLoach Johnson, Teacher Education

Molly Kelly-Elliott, Educational Psychology

Jeong-Hoi Koo, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Benjamin Kuebrich, Graduate Student

Katherine Kuvalanka, Family Studies and Social Work

Kathryn LaFever, Graduate Student

Denise Landrum, Graduate Student

Amy Lauer, Student Health Services?

Ji-Young Lim, Family Studiees

Julia Lindsey, Art

Joselyn Magnan, Graduate Student

Andrea Maple, Graduate Student

Eric Minzenberg, Latin American Studies

Thomas Misco, Teacher Education

Molly Nauman, Graduate Student

Taryn Nye, Graduate Student

Karen O'Hara, Information Technology Services

Meiko Ono, German, Russian and East Asian Languages

Jinbea Park, Architecture

Stephen Pasquale, Graduate Student

Bryan Peters, English

Marty Petrone, Communication, Middletown Campus

Cecilia Shore, Psychology

Noriko Reider, German, Russian and East Asian Languages

Andrea Ridilla, Music

Adam Strang, Psychology

Scott Suarez, Anthropology

Megan Ward, Graduate Student

Frances Yates, Graduate Student

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